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John Ekerdt

Associate Dean for Research

Keywords: Materials chemistry, Surface science, Thin films

Expertise Sought: Advanced materials

Rúben André Barreiro


Keywords: Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communications, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Expertise Sought: Quantum Computing (Quantum Cryptographic Protocols)

Artur Moreira Pinto


Keywords: Graphene-based materials, phototherapy, cancer therapy, drug delivery, 3D printing, magnetic nanomaterial

Expertise Sought: Photodynamic and photothermal therapy, NIR/UV irradiation systems for in vitro or/and in vivo models, and more...

Huiliang Wang

Assistant Professor

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Wearable Electronics, Biomaterials, Bioelectronics, Neuroengineering

Expertise Sought: People who are working on nanomaterials, electronic devices and protein engineering, and people who are doing research in neuroscience, neurological disease or brain cancer.

Carlos Pavão

Assistant Professor

Keywords: Health communicatios, public policy, health behavior, marginalized populations

Expertise Sought: others interested in how public health can augment their research.

Salomé Soares

Assistant Researcher

Keywords: Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Heterogeneous catalysis: environmental catalysis, Smart textiles, air and water treatment, energy conversion, Nanostructured materials (carbon materials and manganese oxides)

Expertise Sought: Heterogeneous catalysis; Advanced characterization techniques; Density-functional theory (DFT) modelling.

Priscila Guerzoni


Keywords: technological innovation, complex thinking, project management

Expertise Sought: innovators, complex system reseachers, innovation managers, project managers.

Ariane Pereira

Innovation Lead

Keywords: front end of innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, portfolio planning, circular economy

Expertise Sought: Professionals and researchers experienced in innovation management in topics such as the anticipation of technological developments, industrial application of R&D outcomes and successful collaboration of science and industry.

Paula Soares


Keywords: magnetic nanoparticles, cancer theranostic, hyperthermia, drug delivery, biomaterials

Expertise Sought: I’m looking for collaboration with researchers from Biology and Medical Sciences to further evaluate the biological effect of our Biomaterials and their potential for cancer theranostics application.

Luís Angel Espinosa

PhD Student

Keywords: hydrological extremes, climate change, hydrology, teleconnection

Expertise Sought: His research focuses on changes in hydrological extremes, particularly on climate-induced extremes in North Atlantic small islands. He has experience in a large number of data mining techniques and tools for extracting trends, characteristics or rules from data which are relevant for Hydrology and Climate research.

Eugénio Tobias

Master Student

Keywords: dosimetry, Monte-Carlo, photon, proton

Expertise Sought: Photons and protons dosimetry in radiotherapy.

Duarte Rafel Guerreiro

PhD Student

Keywords: dosimetry, radiobiology, optical fibres, microdosimetry

Expertise Sought: Looking for people with know how in scintillation dosimetry and radiobiology in order to improve my work.

Sergey Pyrlin

Junior Researcher

Keywords: self-assembly, molecular simulation, high performance computing, DFT, molecular dynamics

Expertise Sought: Chemists in metal-organic and covalent-organic frameworks; flexible electronic engineers for collaboration.

Joana Domingues


Keywords: Environment, Earth Observation, Submarine Volcanoes, Geology

Expertise Sought: Different softwares and sensors to aplly to volcanoes and ocean data

Marcelo Silva

Research Fellow / Assistant Professor

Keywords: satellites, UAV, multispectral, soil contamination, geology

Expertise Sought: Looking for like-minded colleagues to debate the best uses of band combination ratios, allied with machine learning algorithms, to identify and characterize soil contamination.

Rui Maranhão

Full Professor

Keywords: Software Engineering, Quantum Computing

Expertise Sought: HPC

Cláudia Lopes


Keywords: Nanomaterials, Biomedical sensing, Nanotecnology, Flexible dry-electrodes

Expertise Sought: Health care centres and companies working with biomedical devices

Marco Caetano


Keywords: Radiotherapy, Proton therapy, Nanotechnology, FLASH radiotherapy, virtual reality in patient education

Expertise Sought: I am looking to establish Networking to increase my knowledge mainly about nanotechnology and related to Radiotherapy. I' m interested in new technologies in the care applied to the treatment of cancer patients, such as proton therapy and FLASH radiotherapy. I am interested in starting a PhD that combines virtual reality in the education of the patient subjected to highly technological treatments.

Katia Jacob


Keywords: VMAT, SBRT, SRT, DIBH, Radiotherapy

Expertise Sought: Know-how in new techniques implementation SBRT, SRS, SRT, linac QA, PSQA

Nabiha Ben Sedrine

R&D Research Scientist

Keywords: Lighting design, Optical properties, Materials science, Physics, Human-centred solutions

Expertise Sought: AI, Robotics, Product Design, Laboratory testing

André Guerra

System Engineer

Keywords: System Engineering, Structures Design and Analysis, Network Operations, Small Satellites

Expertise Sought: Looking for small satellite payload developers (multi- and hyper-spectral sensors, GNSS-R, AIS), data and model experts of those types of sensos, and specialist and researchers in carbon composites and metal/composite hybrid materials, all interested in collaborating in different projects.

Austin Smith

Medical Lead

Keywords: theragnostics, radionucleotide, oncology, glioma diagnostic

Expertise Sought: Looking to establish interests in clinical development or co-development with molecular radiotherapy combination options and also explore IO combs

João Bispo

Assistant Professor

Keywords: compilers, source-to-source, meta-programming, embedded, HPC

Expertise Sought: Hands-on experience on applications that could benefit from automated source-code analysis and transformations, in languages such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript.

Fábio Figueiras


Keywords: Ferroelectrics, Oxides, Narrow band-gap, photovoltaics, Energy

Expertise Sought: PhD Researcher in Physics, Nanotechnology, Science and Engineering of Advanced Multifunctional Materials. Collaboration and integration in multidisciplinary teams working in R&D+I of science and technology projects. Active operation, innovation, training and consulting for state-of-art synthesis and characterization techniques. Expertise in multiferroic oxides, thin film deposition; nano powders; electric and magnetic measurements; atomic force microscopy and high resolution X-ray diffraction. Author of >30 peer-reviewed publications. Participation in >20 technical specialization courses and >20 international conferences and >10 leadership courses.

Rui Pinheiro

Incubator Manager

Keywords: entrepreneurship, startups, innovation, business, management

Expertise Sought: Entrepreneurs and startups.

Irina Pereira

PhD Student

Keywords: Nanotechnology; Nanomedicine; Biotechnology; Phototherapy; Skin cancer

Expertise Sought: Experts in science communication and technology transfer

Pedro Figueiredo

PhD Candidate

Keywords: QM/MM MD simulations; DFT; enzymes; polymer-drug conjugates

João Horta Belo da Silva

University of Porto

Keywords: Magnetic materials, Nanotechnology, Magnetic refrigeration, Hyperthermia, Energy harvesting, Negative thermal expansion

Expertise Sought: Energy, Refrigeration, Magnetic materials, Nanotechnology, Hyperthermia, Energy harvesting, Multifunctional materials

Linden Dalecki

Fractional CMO

Keywords: Telecom, ecommerce, IoT, quality, testing

Expertise Sought: IoT, ecommerce, testing, monitoring, quality assurance, QA

Filippo Mangolini

Assistant Professor

Keywords: Surface Science; Surface Engineering; Tribology

David Resende


Keywords: Innovation; Innovation Ecosystems; I-Reefs; Innovation Reefs; Technology Transfer

Expertise Sought: Partnerships for new projects in line with studies on innovation ecosystems and innovation policies (I-Reefs, ...).

Michael Brandl

Professor of Instruction

Keywords: Finance, technology startups, entrepreneurship

Expertise Sought: Opportunities of connections between UT-Austin and Porto in technology commercialization

Oscar Ferraz

PhD student

Keywords: High Performance Computing; Energy-Efficiency; Parallel Processing; GPUs; Computer Architectures

Expertise Sought: High Performance Computing; Energy-Efficiency; Parallel Processing; Computer Architectures

Van-rito Ullij


Keywords: Nanotechnology, Nanoenergy, NanoEvents, Space Energy, Energy

Expertise Sought: Innovation about Energy

Antonio J. Paleo


Keywords: carbon-based materials, electrochemical capacitors, functional textiles

Expertise Sought: Attendees that share similar research interests

Pedro Medeiros


Keywords: Heterogeneous Computing, GPU, Computational Science and Engineering, Algorithm Parallelization, 3D Image Processing

Expertise Sought: I'm open to collaborations in the area of application of parallel architectures to problem solving in all areas of knowledge. Getting more user cases allows the assessment of the. environments developed; in this process the team can also help non-experts in HPC to efficiently explore the hardware and software available.

Semiu Fasasi

Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, Batteries

Expertise Sought: Professors willing to accept a prospective graduate students into their lab to carry out research on Renewable Energy, Solar Thermal Energy and Heat Transfer.Also, I would like to connect with graduate students carrying out research in Renewable,Energy Solar thermal Energy and heat transfer

Pedro Correia


Keywords: PET; Hadrontherapy; Instrumentation; Radiation Detectors;

Expertise Sought: I would like to network with professionals with know-how in preclinical or clinical research or hardware development for Positron Emission Tomography or Hadrontherapy.

Antonio Neves

Assistant Professor

Keywords: computer vision; machine learning; robotics; intelligent systems; innovative learning.

Expertise Sought: I would like to increase my knowledge in HPC since that topic is essential in my research areas. Moreover, I am open to create more research collaborations in my research areas and in the topic of innovative teaching and learning for Higher Education.

Sadaf Salamzadeh


Keywords: MRI guided Proton therapy, Biomedical Engineer, Radiotherapy, Dosimetry, Medical Physics

Expertise Sought: I received my M.S.c degree as biomedical engineering from Heidelberg university. During my bachelor and master studies, I obtained profound knowledge in the various subjects suchas anatomy, physiology, physics of charged particles, radiation protection, medical imaging, medical image and signal analysis and mechanism of radiation therapy devices. I have professional experience in MATLAB coding and intermediate knowledge in C++. During my Masters thesis, I have been engaged in a research project about MRI guided proton therapy in DKFZ. Although as an independent person,I can achieve the aims by working alone, I believe that team work and strong relationships with members of group take the entire team towards success. My spoken languages are, English, German, Turkish and Persian.

Nicholas Peppas

Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Pediatrics, Surgery and Perioperative Care, Dell Medical School, and Division of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, College of Pharmacy Director, Institute for Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Regenerative Medicine

Keywords: Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, Medical Devices, Regenerative Medicine

Ana Carolina Padua


Keywords: Neurosciences, collective behaviour

Expertise Sought: HPC

Celeste Oliveira

Radiation Therapist and researcher

Keywords: Radiotherapy, Advanced practice roles, capabilities, skills-mix, interprofessional education

Expertise Sought: Expertise in development, implementation and sustainability of projects in advanced healthcare practice.

João Cardoso


Keywords: Software Engineering Computing Robotics Hardware

Ivonne Terceros


Keywords: economics, start up, companies, management

Expertise Sought: Start up interest

Michele Musella


Keywords: Economy, gestão de inovaçao, start up and companies

Expertise Sought: Innovation strategy and techology

Rosa Romero


Keywords: ultrafast, lasers, microscopy, medical, cancer

Expertise Sought: I look forward expertise in the medical area to find synergies and applications where ultrafast laser systems can find potential impact in forthcoming applications.

Pedro Alberto


Keywords: Relativistic Quantum mechanics, Computational Physics, High Performance Computing

Expertise Sought: High Performance Computing from a facility manager and from an user points of view, especially for biomedical applications.

Otilia Reis

Diretora Executiva

Keywords: International education and exchange; International Relations; Public Policy; Local Politics; Gender Equality issues.

Expertise Sought: Academic and scientific exchange between Portugal and the US

Daniela Godinho

PhD Student

Keywords: microwave imaging, medical imaging, machine learning, image processing, signal processing

Expertise Sought: Medical imaging, machine learning

Miguel Matos

Assistant Professor

Keywords: persistent memory, blockchain, scalability, distributed systems, fault-tolerance

Expertise Sought: Looking for researchers/innovators/industry interested in the problems persistent memory, blockchain, scalability, distributed systems, fault-tolerance. Particularly interested in the establishment of potential use cases and collaborations that could fit in these topics.


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