João Bispo

João Bispo
Assistant Professor

Institution: FEUP/INESCTEC

Contact: jbispo (at)


João Bispo is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP) and coordinator of the SPeCS research group in the Computing Systems Lab. In 2012 received the Ph.D. degree from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon, with a thesis about automatic runtime migration of loops found in assembly traces to customized hardware. During 2012-2016, his main line of research was MATLAB to C compilation, where he was responsible for the development of MATISSE, a MATLAB-to-C compiler focused on the generation of multi-target C and OpenCL code. He was the University of Porto team leader in the European H2020 project ANTAREX and responsible for developing Clava, a C/C++ source-to-source compiler for code transformations and optimizations. Currently, his work is focused on source-to-source compilation and on delivering efficient computation on specialized targets, such as GPUs and FPGAs.

Keywords: compilers, source-to-source, meta-programming, embedded, HPC

Expertise Sought: Hands-on experience on applications that could benefit from automated source-code analysis and transformations, in languages such as C, C++, Java, JavaScript.

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