Luís Angel Espinosa

Luís Angel Espinosa
PhD Student

Institution: Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability, CERIS

Contact: luis.espinosa (at)


Luis Angel Espinosa is a Civil Engineer with specialisation in Hydraulics (UNAM). He has a MSc degree in Water and Environmental Management (University of Bristol) and an Erasmus Mundus MSc in Ecohydrology (CAU Kiel). Luis Angel Espinosa recently obtained his PhD degree in Civil Engineering under H2DOC, a doctoral programme between IST and LNEC (National Civil Engineering Laboratory).

Keywords: hydrological extremes, climate change, hydrology, teleconnection

Expertise sought: His research focuses on changes in hydrological extremes, particularly on climate-induced extremes in North Atlantic small islands. He has experience in a large number of data mining techniques and tools for extracting trends, characteristics or rules from data which are relevant for Hydrology and Climate research.

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