Sadaf Salamzadeh

Sadaf Salamzadeh

Institution: Heidelberg University



I have received my master degree in the field of Biomedical Engineering from Heidelberg University. I did a research project about Proton therapy in DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center). I am interested in research in medical imaging and radiotherapy methods. I am passionate to making the diagnosis and treatment methods faster and more accurate, reliable and efficient.

Keywords: MRI guided Proton therapy, Biomedical Engineer, Radiotherapy, Dosimetry, Medical Physics

Expertise Sought: I received my M.S.c degree as biomedical engineering from Heidelberg university. During my bachelor and master studies, I obtained profound knowledge in the various subjects suchas anatomy, physiology, physics of charged particles, radiation protection, medical imaging, medical image and signal analysis and mechanism of radiation therapy devices.
I have professional experience in MATLAB coding and intermediate knowledge in C++.
During my Masters thesis, I have been engaged in a research project about MRI guided proton therapy in DKFZ.
Although as an independent person,I can achieve the aims by working alone, I believe that team work and strong relationships with members of group take the entire team towards success.
My spoken languages are, English, German, Turkish and Persian.

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