Call for e-Posters

Deadline: July 30 September 3

The UT Austin Portugal Program invites researchers and practitioners to submit proposals for posters to be displayed at the Virtual Gallery of its 2021 Annual Conference.

This year, the Program’s largest knowledge-sharing event convokes its transatlantic community and beyond to reflect on the power of scientific interdisciplinarity towards more resilient societies and economies.

Therefore, selected e-posters across the scientific areas of the Program are expected to highlight novel, ongoing or concluded research work that draws on the intersection of different scientific fields and/or applications areas to advance state-of-the-art knowledge and/or lead up to high-impact innovation. This means that authors are invited to bring to the fore either more exploratory or closer-to-the-market research work developed in Portugal, at UT Austin (including TACC and MDACC) or even in other ecosystems outside the Program’s geographic scope.

Accepted e-posters will be on exhibition at the Conference’s website (through the Program’s YouTube channel) as of October 20 and should be accompanied by an audio recording to make presentations come alive. Although e-posters should be self-explaining, the audio is intended to allow authors to build on the poster’s visual narrative and reinforce or expand ideas highlighted therein in the form of texts, imagery and figures. Authors will be asked to indicate their preferred mode of contact if Conference participants are interested in discussing the authors’ work during or after the Conference.

The e-posters will also be included in the Program’s 2021 Annual Report, along with a previously submitted two-page summary.

Please note that participating in this Call does not confirm your registration for the 2021 Annual Conference. Make sure to register by filling in this form.

  • Call for ePoster Proposals: June 23 – September 3
  • Selection of ePoster Proposals: September 6 – September 10
  • Notification to Proposers: September 13 – September 14
  • Deadline for submission of e-Posters final versions (MP4 format): October 9
  • Opening of Virtual Gallery at the Annual Conference: October 20

E-Posters must highlight research work rooted in at least one of the following areas of the UT Austin Portugal Program:

  • Advanced Computing;
  • Nanotechnologies;
  • Medical Physics;
  • Space-Earth Interactions;
  • Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

However, authors are expected to bring to the attention of the Program’s community how their research work builds on interdisciplinarity.

maximum two-page proposal in a Word file (reference font size: Times New Roman; minimum font-size: 11 points) should be sent to with the subject “Poster proposal – UTA PT Conference” and must necessarily include the following information in English:

  • Main author’s name, affiliation and short bio;
  • Main author’s preferred mode of contact (to be publicly available);
  • Title of the e-poster;
  • Core Area (pick one of the Program’s five Knowledge Areas);
  • Summary of the research work to be addressed in the e-poster (only plain text with no images or graphics). The summary should be concise and give an overview of the research background (problem/opportunity/need); the hypotheses driving the research or the solution envisaged; the methodology used; the expected or achieved results; the interdisciplinary nature and the (potential) implications of the research work to its respective scientific field and/or application domain;
  • Other authors and their respective affiliations (if applicable).


Please note that at the proposal submission stage, applicants must not send any version of their posters yet.

The Program will review proposals after September 3 and authors will be notified about the outcome by e-mail between September 13 and September 14, 2021.

Selected authors are required to send by e-mail no later than October 9 with the version of their digital posters for validation to (MP4 format).  The e-mail subject must be “Poster – UTA PT Conference – Proposal ID”, i.e., the ID provided by the Conference organisers to the author(s) upon reception of the proposal. Should the versions sent need to be fine-tuned, the Program will contact the respective authors to ensure that posters on display meet Conference’s Virtual Poster Exhibition standards.

Selected authors must use the Program’s template for e-posters, which will be made available here after the submission period.

E-posters must not exceed one page in landscape format. The blank area in the template to be provided will be divided into three main sections that authors can use freely to cover the topics addressed in their 2-page poster application and build a text-imagery narrative. Nevertheless, authors should always remember that the purpose of the poster is not to simply stick every information used to create the poster summary but to give an overview of the research work using a balanced and effective combination of text, imagery and figures to capture viewers’ attention.

Please note that you are required to add/embed an audio file to the e-poster to walk viewers through its content. Nevertheless, you should avoid reading the e-poster and instead create a script that helps viewers understand the big picture and gain insights into the presented research work. Therefore, posters and audio recordings should be coupled together to work as a single, integrated, full presentation. Therefore, we suggest you write a script of the content you’ll be presenting; find a location free of noise; get a good quality microphone; and maintain the same distance to the microphone throughout the recording.

Concrete details on creating an e-poster are available on the Program’s template.

All posters and audios must be in English.

Authors interested in presenting work-in-progress related to UT Austin Portugal’s 2019 Exploratory Research Projects and Strategic Research Projects should not apply for this Call for Posters. Their e-posters are automatically accepted for presentation at the Annual Conference according to the guidelines to be provided.


For queries on this Call for Posters, please contact

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