John Ekerdt

John Ekerdt
Associate Dean for Research

Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Contact: ekerdt (at)


John G. Ekerdt is an accomplished academic and visionary academic leader combining experience in leading the research aspects of a school of engineering, a department of chemical engineering, and interdisciplinary research programs, with a passion for teaching and education and a sense of duty to build excellence and serve others. He is the Norbert Dittrich-Welch Chair in Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean for Research in Engineering at UT-Austin. He received his BS from the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison (1974) and his PhD from the Univ. of California, Berkeley (1979). Using chemical, kinetic and spectroscopic probes to unravel reaction pathways, mechanisms and reaction rates, his research explores atomic layer growth, atomic layer etching and materials chemistry of ultrathin metal, dielectric, nitride and nonlinear oxide films that are prepared using atomic layer deposition, molecular beam epitaxy and chemical solution deposition. Current research interests focus on metal, dielectric , nitride and perovskite films.

Keywords: Materials chemistry, Surface science, Thin films

Expertise Sought: Advanced materials.

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