Huiliang Wang

Huiliang Wang
Assistant Professor

Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Contact: evanwang (at)


Recent advances in bidirectional neural interfacing enable both improved neurosciences understanding and enhanced clinical diagnosis/therapy. Dr. Huiliang Wang’s research focuses on the development of new tools to modulate and record neural activity from targeted neuronal populations using minimally-invasive methods. The research goal will be developing clinical neural interfacing therapies with the power and specificity afforded by optogenetics methods, using materials, electronic devices and genetic engineering approach that are clinically translatable. In addition to clinical applications, the developed new tools can also be applied for neuroscience research.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Wearable Electronics, Biomaterials, Bioelectronics, Neuroengineering

Expertise sought: People who are working on nanomaterials, electronic devices and protein engineering, and people who are doing research in neuroscience, neurological disease or brain cancer.

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